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Moving Forward with a Renowned Brand


Pacific 2000 was founded in the mid-nineties as an Executive Recruitment/Headhunting Company assisting primarily international companies/organizations in the search and selection of high caliber personnel in Thailand and other South East Asian markets.

Their role is however dual. At the same time as Pacific 2000 assists companies to select the right people they also help people find the right employer. In today's market place competent people face a multitude of choices in their professional lives. Very often you find that smart people select organizations, not vice versa.

Now in its 17th year Pacific 2000 is looked upon as one of the leading companies in its field across the region covering a broad range of functions: Accounting & Finance, Sales & Marketing, Manufacturing & Engineering, Human Resources, Supply Chain Management, IT, Senior Management (CEO,MD level), Legal as well as Administrative functions. Between their three offices they count approximately 100 international companies among their clients.

The fact that we retain so many multinational companies we trust confirms our working standards and reputation in the market state the Company's two Managing Directors, Ms Viyada Tannawee and Ms Lassamon Wisootthisin. "We have a firm rule in our Company that our Recruitment Executives must be experts in, or have to be very familiar with, the particular functions they are entrusted with to manage on behalf of our clients. If you interview a Financial Controller you must know accounting, finance, information systems, applicable regulatory requirements etc. This is the only way we can instill respect among our clients and candidates. Recruitments/headhunting are not about selling a service. These are to provide quality solutions. Refined headhunting based on intelligent information".

Commenting on today's employment market Pacific 2000 is today witnessing the most extreme "employees' market" they have experienced in 17 years where demand for talent in many sectors far exceeds supply and this is anticipated to be further accentuated for some critical functions with the expected implementation of the Asean Economic Community (AEC) in 2015. Increasingly it is not sufficient for employees merely to be familiar with the local business environment, they must also be able to operate in a regional and global environment, across different cultures and with strong awareness of diversity in different countries and markets. This will require a talent pool with regional and global mindsets. It is therefore imperative that companies when employing people have this in mind and prepare them for the challenges ahead.

A recruitment/headhunting company faces different types of challenges and competition through a business cycle according to Ms Viyada and Ms Lassamon:

"With the right composition of our teams we manage to prosper in both an upturn and downturn of the economy. In an upturn we may see many newcomers and some of them may succeed. But in more uncertain times clients will always rely on quality, solidity and "heritage" in performance - and a sustainable brand".

"To build a sustainable brand is not a sprint but more of a marathon. It takes years of dedication, passion, vision and unquestionable integrity. We are proud to count so many international companies as our business partners says Anders Lundquist, the founder of the Company.
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