Thank you for your interest in Pacific 2000. We commenced operations in January 1998 so by now we are very experienced in our work. We are well known, and we like to believe, well regarded in Thailand where we specialise.

We are not a large company with large numbers of people and working with automated systems, nor frankly do we aspire to be. We want to keep things personal. We want to meet you and every person we deal with. We’ll make notes, we’ll stay in touch and most importantly, we’ll keep your requirements closely to our heart. That’s true whether you are a client or a candidate because the best matches we make will meet the needs of both.

Whether you’re hiring or being hired, it’s a big decision, an important commitment and our job is to make the best possible introduction for both.

So, we’re keeping this simple. In a modern, changing world, we believe there is still a need for the personal. When we’re seated across the desk together, we want to look into your eyes and we want you to look into ours. So that we trust each other. And when we know your needs, then we’ll connect you to the ideal placement to fulfil those.

We keep a database of everyone we’ve met and we only ever refer candidates that we’ve met and personally assessed. We’re not going to send a long list of candidates to our clients leaving them to choose – we carefully vet each applicant to ensure they closely match the job definition. We consider career goals, personality, aptitude and attitude and every task we undertake for our clients is handled personally, with experience and care. No algorithms and quota based placements here at Pacific 2000.

We hold the appropriate license in Thailand, issued by the Ministry of Labour, one of around 300 such licenses currently issued. Of these 300, only around 20 are considered amongst the premier recruitment agencies presently operated, amongst which we are proudly counted.