Prepare for Your Career

When you see a job posting that attracts you, ask yourself what it is that you are attracted to… the type of work? The salary? The position and the status?

All of these are reasonable, but which is more important for you? Will this job teach you useful skills? Will this role be a stepping stone to a higher position? Or is it mainly because you need to pay your rent? Whatever your reason, be honest about that with yourself and be clear about your purpose when you consider your application.

Your recruitment agent has a serious responsibility to ensure that you and your new employer fit together well. This doesn’t always mean choosing the best candidate… it means choosing the right candidate to fit into that position. You will be considered not just for your education and experience, but also for your attitude, your goals and how well you and the employer match together.


No-one wants your job to fail. The employer and the agent are just as motivated as you to make sure that you fit into your new job, so please, be clear, open and honest with your recruiting agent. They will give you advice on how to present yourself, what information to give and the right questions to ask.

So… what are your career goals? What do you want to be doing in 5 years time? What skills do you want to develop? Where would you like to be living? What are your plans for family and personal lifestyle?

Your work is important but its only a part of your life. By keeping your work and life balanced, you will be a happier person and also, a better member (or leader) of a team.